Omnia Sabry is interested in exploring language, addressing surfaces as archival bodies, sites of memory, time and the everyday. Currently focussing on the politics and aesthetics of image-making, green chemistry, and the interactions of light-sensitive surfaces: their ability to sensitise, desensitise, erase memory, give agency to, or take agency from other surfaces, beyond human inputs in the process of documentation or witnessing.

Omnia has been actively participating in a number of exhibitions, artist-residencies, workshops, collective projects, publications, commissions and educational programmes. Amongst others, she has exhibited within Gegenwarten Festival in Germany's Chemnitz (2020), The National Gallery of Fine Arts of Jordan’s Amman (2019), Qalandeya International Festival in Palestine’s Ramallah (2018), Cairo Video Festival (2019) and PhotoCairo6 Festival in Egypt’s Cairo (2017) and Bibliotheca Alexandrina  (2016). Her film work has found room to breathe further in the cities of  Vorarlberg - Austria, Sharjah - United Arab Emirates (UAE),  Basel - Switzerland, and locally in Egypt in Aswan, Menya and Asyut, as well as in cyber/online spaces.

Beside her artistic practice, Omnia has been active as a cultural practitioner with (sometimes) insittutional roles. Working specifically with the archives, educational programmes, exhibition production and curation, and translation, since 2014.
Contact Form or : onami.sab at gmail dot com