Artist Book

hand-knitted book. 
text, C-Prints and colored photograms on fujicolor crystal archival paper
Another Transitional Phase: the blind, the deaf, the ageusic, the anosmic, and the numb

hand-knitted book

text, illustrations, digital prints of photograms
After witnessing the end of the world
hand-knitted book
B&W photograms with forte photographic paper - scanning skin and body
A transitional phase

Exhibition view of the book in PhotoCairo6, with works in the room by Hend Samir and Assem Hendawi.
B&W photograms with ilford and agfa photographic paper
Early experiments: A day on the beach and A day in the park and others
collective artist-led publication
offset printed
published through MMAG Foundation
Gently Sparkling

Documentation images of the book by Khaled Odeh.