analog film mediums and digital video
7 min
An erased filmic memory - a long way to nowhere
With Aya Sabry, Rehab / Rhea, Yuseph and others
digital video
5 min
The Z Project: or A dream from your future self
With Dina Mimi and others

double projection of super8mm films
4 min
A film about a circle
With Seham Khalil and others
Collaborations | Collective work
45 min
Repeating mistakes, this time with pleasure: a film and a letter in 7 parts

Collective film from Strategies of Conveyance, a film workshop with Kerstin Schroedinger:
Asmaa Barakat, Assem Hendawi, Mai Al Shazly, Maryam Ahmed Mohammed, Nadia Mounier, Omnia Sabry, Ronnie Close, Weaam Said.
Film performance
30 min
Onec could also be multiple at once

A film performance under NiliN Collective. Tareque ElSharkawy and Omnia Sabry.
With Mariam ElNozahy and others.
Film performance
45 min
Where were we going?

A film performance under NiliN Collective . Tareque ElSharkawy and Omnia Sabry.